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Real-World Data Governance Webinar: Convincing Stakeholders Data Governance is Essential

Organizations are investing heavily in becoming data-centric. Data governance practitioners must begin to deploy effective data governance techniques to support these investments. One of these techniques is to tackle the problem of convincing stakeholders that data governance is necessary. This webinar will help you address that challenge. Join Bob Seiner for this RWDG webinar where…

Real-World Data Governance Webinar: Data Governance Best Practices

To take a “ready, aim, fire” tactic to implementing data governance, many organizations assess themselves against industry best practices. The process is not difficult or time consuming and can directly assure that your activities target your specific needs. Best practices are always a strong place to start. Join Bob Seiner for this popular RWDG topic…

Real-World Data Governance Webinar: Data Governance and Metadata Management

Metadata is a tool that improves data understanding, builds end-user confidence, and improves the return on investment in every asset associated with becoming a data-centric organization. Metadata’s use has expanded beyond “data about data” to cover every phase of data analytics, protection, and quality improvement. Data governance are connected at the hip in every way…