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“The Data Will Not Govern Itself!”
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The Home of Non-Invasive Data Governance™
“The Data Will Not Govern Itself!”
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KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC (KIK Consulting) is a consulting and educational services firm that focuses on transferring best practices knowledge, delivering cost-effective/practical solutions and education in the development of data and meta-data programs, data governance and stewardship programs, content, and knowledge management, and business intelligence and master data solutions. KIK Consulting is operated by Robert S. Seiner, an established and well-recognized consultant/educator in the data management industry and the publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter ( Mr. Seiner is recognized and respected in the industry for his commitment to sharing information about successful data management practices.

Knowledge is King (KIK)

KIK stands for “Knowledge is King”. Consultative mentoring and transferring best practices knowledge are the focuses of KIK Consulting & Educational Services. KIK and Robert S. Seiner provide practical, pragmatic, and cost-effective consulting, mentoring, and education in the disciplines of data governance, data stewardship, data management, and metadata management.


KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC (“KIK”) was established in 2002 by Robert (Bob) S. Seiner, a data management practitioner, and the publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter ( KIK is a consulting and education company that specializes in best practice knowledge transfer and delivering successful data governance, data management, and metadata solutions.


Robert S. (Bob) Seiner is well recognized and respected in the information asset management industry (covering data, information, content, and knowledge management) for his tremendous commitment to collecting, recording, and sharing information about successful practices.  Mr. Seiner is the President and Principal Consultant of KIK Consulting & Educational Services, an information management consulting firm that focuses on cost-effective/practical solutions & education in data and meta-data management, data governance and stewardship programs, content, and knowledge management.  Mr. Seiner holds an Adjunct Faculty member position at the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy in their CDataO and Data-Driven Leadership post-graduate certification programs. Mr. Seiner has maintained a focus on knowledge transfer throughout his career, through his popular internet publication The Data Administration Newsletter (, and through years of conference speaking and hosting workshops.

KIK Consulting

KIK stands for “Knowledge is King”. Consultative mentoring and transferring best practices knowledge are the focuses of KIK Consulting & Educational Services. KIK and Robert S. Seiner provide practical, pragmatic, and cost-effective education, solutions, and implementations in the disciplines of data governance & stewardship, data warehousing and business intelligence, meta-data management, and knowledge management.

The Data Administration Newsletter ( is an electronic newsletter that focuses on the exchange of ideas between individuals related to data administration. Every article focuses on tips, techniques, and strategies on how to manage corporate data as a valued asset.


  • Mr. Seiner has more than twenty-five years of experience in helping companies and organizations to solve business and technical problems with data, meta-data, content & knowledge management solutions.
  • Mr. Seiner has consulted with and educated many notable organizations including Boeing, BMW USA, Western Digital, Walt Disney World, PepsiCo, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Federal Home Loans Banks, Principal Financial Group, PNC Financial Group, Chevron, Rockwell Collins, McKesson Automation, Cisco Systems, FLUOR Corporation, Southern California Edison, Mellon Bank, Philips Medical Systems, CareSource, The Mayo Clinic, Catholic Health Initiatives, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, State Farm Insurance and Bank, USAA Insurance and Bank, Nationwide Insurance, Chevron, SunTrust Bank, Sodexo, The Vanguard Group, HP, US Foods, Blue Cross Blue Shield (several), U.S. Dept of Education, Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), FL-DEP, Consumer Reports, South Florida Water Management District, SunTrust Bank, PNC Bank, The Yell Group, Federal Home Loans Banks, City of Calgary, Arbitron, University of Calgary, University of Minnesota, Michigan State University, University of North Carolina, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Career Education Corporation (CEC), … others.
  • Mr. Seiner has presented or held workshops at major industry conferences & events in Anaheim, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Dusseldorf, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington D.C., … more.
  • Mr. Seiner has been a regular invited speaker and presenter at DAMA International, Dataversity, The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) conferences, MDM Summit conference, and IRMUK events world-wide.
  • Mr. Seiner has directed a top 100 IT consulting firm’s business intelligence & knowledge management practice while being actively engaged with clients as a consultant and educator.
  • Mr. Seiner is the author of the data governance industry’s top-selling book titled “Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success” published by Technics Publications in 2014.
  • Mr. Seiner has authored and published dozens of articles in major IT journals including Information Governance magazine, Data Management Review magazine, TDWI’s Journal of Data Warehousing, DBAzine, … others.
  • Mr. Seiner hosts a monthly webinar series through Dataversity - Real-World Data Governance (RWDG) – since January 2012 (renewed for 10 th year in 2021).
  • Mr. Seiner offers three online learning plans through Dataversity including Non-Invasive Data Governance, Non-Invasive Metadata Governance, and Business Glossaries, Data Dictionaries, and Data Catalogs. Use code TDAN for a 20% discount on the learning plan and individual courses.
  • Mr. Seiner has been judged and chaired prestigious industry awards including the Data Governance MVP Award, the Data Governance Best Practice Award, TDWI’s Best Practice Award, and DM Review Best Practices Award.
  • Mr. Seiner is the publisher of an electronic publication that focuses on sharing knowledge of best practices in the management of all data and information assets.  In June 2020, The Data Administration Newsletter ( celebrated its 23 rd anniversary and attracts over 40k visitors every month. has been awarded “Best on Web”/“Editor’s Choice” honors by the likes of AOL, Netscape,,, others.
  • Mr. Seiner was recently named the DAMA Professional Award winner to recognize his significant, demonstrable contributions to Information resource management and data resource management.



DAMA Professional Achievement Award – Bob Seiner was recognized with the 2007 DAMA Professional Achievement Award for significant and demonstrable contributions to the data management industry. Bob was recognized for his work in data governance and as the publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter (


FIT Strategy Advisory Board Member - FIT Academy is recognized by DAMA International as its first non-US Company Registered Education Provider and currently the only one accredited to provide self-paced, teacher-led, and train the trainer Certified Data and Information Management courses. FIT Academy is born from the desire and intuition of a group of management consulting and professional development specialists with the intention to a joint effort with corporate executives and managers to develop pragmatic and articulated to create internal communities of “Data Management Professionals”.


Bob Seiner has been implementing data governance for as long as anybody in the industry. From the early 1990s, in the corporate world as a Data and Metadata Repository Administrator, he focused on “de-facto” stewardship by holding people formally accountable for the data and metadata they defined, produced, and used. This approach was adopted by his company without difficulty and was the forerunner of the non-invasive approach he uses today. Seiner left the corporate world in 1994 and joined an industry-leading boutique consulting firm that was well known for their thought-leadership in the data management space. Seiner ventured out on his own in 2002, the year he founded KIK Consulting & Educational Services.

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The Data Administration Newsletter ( is an internet-based publication focused on sharing data management approaches, best practices, solutions, and technologies to an avid reader-base of managers, practitioners, and consultants. The publication contains hundreds of pieces of valuable content from industry-leaders and people actively engaged in all facets of data management.

Established in June of 1997 by Robert S. Seiner, has grown from a quarterly to monthly publication and evolved into an industry-leading source of data-focused articles, columns, features, and blogs dedicated to expanding horizons and opportunities for interested readers and authors. has been called “a bookmark on the browser of everybody that wants to or needs to be in touch with the latest and greatest information about the data management industry”. has won several industry awards based on its distinguished value and longevity. The publisher, Seiner, was recognized by DAMA International for his lifetime contribution to the Information Resource Management profession. is at the heart of that influence.

The new is a social-media friendly resource, powered by DATAVERSITY that provides consistently relevant data management content to an enthusiastic and passionate reader-base. The publisher of welcomes ideas for new topics and embraces new authors, inviting them to dabble in the practice of sharing their experience and know-how. That is how started, and that remains the intent of the publication today.

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